Managers of the Season Competition

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This competition determines the best manager for each league in each season. We have several leagues on our platform e.g. the English premier league, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Champions League, Turkish league, etc.

Each league has its own season-long leaderboard. The more you play the matches from each league, the more you accumulate points and rise up that league’s leaderboard. The Top-10 players at the end of the season are awarded the Manager of the League Prizes. Each league has its own prize money, for example, the English Premier League prize money at the end of the season is Kes. 1,000,000/= distributed among the Top 10.

How To Take Part In Our Manager Of The Season Competition

 All you need to do is play in any of our contests available in league matches every day and accumulate points, the more matches you play, the more points you have & the higher up you go on our Managers of the Season Leaderboard.

Stand a chance to win part of the KES 1,000,000+ prize money for the Managers of the Season for various leagues!


MOS: Game rules & Prizes:

1.      10 Winners – Top 10 At The End of the Season in Each League.

2.     Prize Money: KES 1,000,000+ up for grabs.

3.     Managers of The Season Announced at the end of each league’s season.

4.    Prize distribution: Kes. 1,000,000+ distributed in various leagues.

5.     Most Profitable League: English Premier League, Kes. 1,000,000 to EPL Managers of the Season

6.     Multi-entry: Join with up to 10 line-ups per match. Lineup with the highest points is added to the leaderboard

7.     Points earned in the contests for any match/League add up in the Manager of the Month Leaderboard.

8.    The more matches you play; the more points you earn and the higher your chances of becoming our Manager of the Seas.

9.     Points earned in Tournaments; Free Contests & Private Contests don’t contribute to the Manager of the Month Leaderboard.

10.  If you submitted 2 line-ups in a match, the line-up that got you the most points is the one whose points are added to the Manager of the Month Leaderboard.

11.    Points earned in a match include extra time.




How to Play Daily Contests & Become Manager of the Season!

1.      Click on Any Match Listed on Fantasy44

2.     Select any of our Contests & join with an entry fee of as low as 20 bob for each line-up you submit.

3.     Create your line-up of 15 players – Starting 11 & 4 Bench players.

4.    Ensure you select 1 Goalkeeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 midfielders & 1-3 forwards in your starting 11.

5.     Choose 4 bench players. In case one or more of the players, you selected as your starting 11 are not in the Official line-up of the real match, our system will automatically pick your bench player to replace the one that is not playing.

6.     Choose A Captain and Vice-captain for your team by Clicking on the C or VC next to the player you want to select as a captain or vice-captain.

7.     Start earning points when the real match starts* (Point system) 

8.    The Participant with the most points (Position 1) at the end of the match wins the contest & wins the prize money based on contest joined.

9.     The Top 10 participants who have accumulated the most points in each league by the end of the Season win the Manager of the Season Prizes for that specific league.

10.  Even if you don’t win every contest, your points are still added to the weekly, monthly & season-long leader board. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning the leaderboard prizes.

Please Note:

a.      If you join several contests in a match, the contest with the highest points are whose points are added to the leaderboard!

b.     Every Match Counts. Play all the 380 matches and increase your chances of Winning the KES 1,000,000!!!

c.     1 line-up = 1 entry

d.    Official Line-ups of real matches are announced 1 hour before kick-off.

e.    You don’t need to choose Bench players once the official line-up is announced. You Only select your starting 11.

f.       The cumulative points of all the matches you play are added to the Manager of the month leader board increasing your chances of winning the Monthly prize.

g.       In case some participants tie in points at the end of the match, the prize money is equally distributed among the players that tied.

h.     The Captain earns Double(2x) the points of a regular player. Eg if A regular striker/forward scores a goal they get 40 points. But if that player is your captain you earn 80 points from him.  The same logic applies to the player you selected as Vice-captain who earns 1.5x.


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